Take your office and your agents paperless
Brokerage document submission systems can only be effective if your agents use them. While adding an office submission system is a step in the right direction, by itself it is an additional, standalone tool your agent needs to learn on top of their everyday tools. To be truly effective, office submission systems need to be tied to agent tools, and Repree does just that.
Repree’s brokerage system is directly connected to our feature rich agent tools. Instead of adding one more tool to your agents toolkit, we can eliminate and streamline their business while doing the same for your office. Our agent features consist of Electronic Signatures, Agent document storage, scheduling, checklists, client reporting, forms and more. Everything your agents need to effectively and efficiently manage their business. When a transaction is ready to go, with a couple clicks that deal makes it through to your backoffice with all relevant data. Repree can truly take you and your agents’ business paperless through the entire transaction process while at the same time being a great recruitment tool moving forward.
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Secured Data
Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud, rest assured your data is safe on the cloud protected by Microsoft’s most cutting edge security.
Real Estate Specific Calendar
Keep track of all your upcoming events and showings in our calendar that conveniently connects to google calendar, Outlook your phone and more.
Detailed Activity Reports
Repree automatically tracks everything happening with your transaction. Documents added, calendar events, tasks and more are all itemized on a detailed Activity Report that can be shared with your clients.
Document Manager
Whether you upload or email your document into Repree or create it via our forms, instantly save that document to your transaction and keep organized. Think of this as your online filing cabinet.
E-Signatures powered by Ratify
Simple to use, secure electronic signatures. Built with Real Estate in mind and perfect for any scenario. Accommodating both in person and email based signatures, save you and your client’s time by utilizing electronic signatures.
First Class Support
Have a question or issue? Something time sensitive? We are ready to help through live chat, email or phone support. No matter the issue we are available 24x7 to make sure you are getting the most out of Repree.
Secure Data Back-up
Redundancy is key in ensuring your information is always available. Our servers are geographically scattered and your data always backed up.
Secure SSL Communications
Your security is very important to us. All communication between you and Repree is encrypted making sure no third party can intercept your crucial data.
Unlimited Webinars
We constantly have webinars on the go. Whether Repree tutorials or our rethink webinar series which focuses on Real Estate in general, they are always free. Come and learn with us!
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