About Us
Founded in 2010, repree™ Transaction and Contact Manager is committed to providing a secure, easy-to-use online solution for real estate agents, brokers, and organizations to speed-up the entire buying and selling process. Built on a customer driven philosophy, repree is dedicated to continuous development based on user feedback ensuring the product always meets and exceed the complex and changing needs of the real estate industry.
Our team
Brent Lauinger
Brent has been a licensed Realtor® since 2004. Prior to real estate, he held several positions in the IT industry primarily focused on software development for business automation. Brent’s experience as a Realtor® combined with his technology background merged to create repree Online Real Estate Business Manager.
Steven Kenway
As a Project Management Professional, Steven has a proven track record managing multi-million dollar projects and building high performance teams to develop technical solutions for business needs. Backed by a Computer Science Degree from Queen’s University, Steven has been a key contributor to designing, developing and implementing repree.
David Hanowski
VP Operations
David was co-founder and COO for Teamplate Inc., which was acquired by Captaris (now Opentext) in 2003. As COO, David was responsible for Research and Development, pre and post-sales Services, and Technical support. After the acquisition of Teamplate by Captaris, David was appointed Vice President of Technology for Captaris and later became Vice President of Product Management. Previously, David was a founder and CTO of Vertical Technologies, the leading Canadian supplier of Legal ERP software.
Kelley Skar
JR Rafols
Lead Developer
JR has a Computer Science Degree from Queen’s University and a Masters of Science Degree from the University of Alberta with a focus in the field of Machine Learning. His experience includes software implementation and deployment, software development, training, consulting, and product development across multiple industries.
Christopher Berg
Marketing and Design Coordinator
Christopher is a trained information designer with a passion for creating beautiful visual communication that is meaningful, purposeful, and useful. Additionally, Christopher is well versed in technical writing, user experience, and instructional design.
Sandra Kirkland
Territory Manager, Ontario
Sandra is a 10 year real estate broker in the west GTA region, and now the Ontario Territory Manager for repree. As a practitioner frequently recognized for forward thinking and an early-adopter of new products, systems and tech, Sandra is now putting her knowledge and skills to good use representing repree as the only all-in-one solution to the paperless transaction and secure eSignatures.