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About repree

Founded in 2010, repreeTM Transaction and Contact Manager is committed to providing a secure, easy-to-use online solution for real estate agents, brokers, and organizations to speed-up the entire buying and selling process.

Build on a customer driven philosophy, repree is dedicated to continuous development based on user feedback ensuring the product always meets and exceed the complex and changing needs of the real estate industry.

Discover more of what repree can do for your business!

What We Do

Repree allows real estate professionals to go paperless

Detailed Activity Reports

Documents, calendar events and more are all itemized on a detailed Activity Report that can be shared with your clients.

Real Estate Specific Calendar

Keep track of all your upcoming events and showing in our calendar.

Secure SSL Communications

repree is encrypted making sure no third party can intercept your data.

Document Manager

Instantly save documents to your transactions and keep them organized.

First Class Support

We are available 24x7 to make sure you are getting the most out of repree.

Secured Data

Our servers are geographically scattered and your data is always backed up.

Secure Data Back-up

Our servers are geographically scattered and your data always backed up.

E-Signatures powered by Ratify

In person and email based signatures saves you and your clients time by utilizing electronic signatures.

Unlimited Webinar

We have free webinars on the go that focus on Real Estate in general. Come and learn with us!